Narrow band 10mW professional multi channel transmitter 70TX-T1

The 70TX-T1 is a professional 10mW FM narrow band multi-channel data radio transmitter according to EN300113. The height was reduced about 35% compared to the predecessor 70TX-T.

The transmitter is produced as standard for the European ISM band at 433/434 MHz. All 139 channels from 433.0625 - 434.7875 MHz are programmed in 12.5 kHz increments. The frequency setting is easily predefined for the user in multiples of the channel spacing. A complex programming of the transmitter module is therefore not necessary. A DIL switch or simple solder jumpers are sufficient. The internal microcontroller generates a serial data protocol from the 8 bit data word which sets the synthesizer. Up to 256 channels can be pre-programmed on customer request.

By replacing the internal filters, most of the frequency bands that are available worldwide in the 400 MHz range can be covered. The following variants are currently in production: 406 - 418 MHz, 418 - 428 MHz, 428 - 438 MHz, 438 - 446 MHz, 456 - 466 MHz and 466 - 476 MHz.

With 10mW transmission power, it can be used within Europe without registration and free of charge. The standby function reduces the settling time to a minimum, at the same time there are no emissions in standby mode. The 70TX-T1 transmitter module is therefore predestined for use in TDMA or frequency hopping applications.

The direct modulation input of the transmitter in no way restricts the type of desired signal or code transmission. Both digital and analogue data can be transmitted. In combination with the 70RX-S2 or 70RX-T1 receivers, long-range radio systems can be set up in simplex and half-duplex mode. Together with our remote control unit FSM24 the free field range is more than 2000 m.


  • Narrow band single channel transmitter
    with professional licence EN 300113
  • Up to 256 channels
  • 10mW output power
  • Typical range 2000m
  • Very small size
  • Low current consumption
  • Data rate DC - 5kHz (up to 9600 Bd)
  • Suitable for analog and digital data
  • Compliance to RED (2014/53/EU )


  • Remote control systems
  • Data communication
  • Industrial applications
  • Telemetry systems
  • Alarm systems
  • Security systems
Transmitter 70TX-T1 with SMA plug
Sender 70TX-T1 Antenne
Transmitter 70TX-T1 with SMA plug
Sender 70TX-T1 Buchse


Communication Simplex
Frequency range 433.0625 – 434.7875 MHz     ( 12.5 / 25 KHz spacing )
Optional frequency range 406 – 476 MHz    raster according to customer wishes
Number of channels 139 at ISM, else up to 256
Output power 10mW at 50 Ω
Modulation FM narrow band
Modulation DC – 5 kHz ( up to 9600Bd )
Deviation Standard ± 2.4 kHz ( ± 100 Hz )    at sinus with 5 VPP
Temperature range -25°C  -  +70°C
Supply voltage 4.8 - 11.5 V    max. 4,6 - 12.0 V
Supply current 75mA (± 4mA)
Startup Time < 20 ms ( Power On )    < 4ms ( Standby)
Dimensions 51.8 x 31.6 x 9.7 mm   with lashes 61.8 x 31.6 x 9.7 mm
Weight 20 g
Material stainless steel with M3 mounting lashes
Antenna connector SMA    optional SMB or MCX
Approvals RED ( EN 300113 )     Europe( 433.0625 – 434.7875 MHz )

Data sheet 70TX-T1 (10mW, multi channel)

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