Frequency 200-500 MHz

Narrow band 400mW transmitter 70TX-E

The synthesizer controlled FM power transmitter 70TX-E is an absolut high end solution with an excellent performance / price relation in the 400mW class. The small sized module is completely conform to ETS 300086. A wide voltage range and its low power consumption combined with the small size makes the module ideal for portable and mobile applications.


Narrow band 500mW transmitter 70TX-E2

The 70TX-E2 is a professional 500mW narrow band FM radio transmitter according to EN 300113 and has been improved in many respects compared to its predecessor 70TX-E. The innovative concept combines the advantages of the DDS with those of the synthesizer in a unique way. The signal digitization offers a resolution of 12 bit. Further signal processing is completely digital. The result is

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