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HM Funktechnik

Title: HM Funktechnik GmbH Germany

Welcome in the wireless world

The HM-Funktechnik GmbH manufactures since 1991 high-quality narrow band radio modules for an interference resistant data communication. Depending on the radio module that you use ranges between 2km and 5km are realistic. Typical applications for the HM radio modules are cranes, mountain vehicles, winches for logging and industrial controls. The speciality of the HM-Funktechnik GmbH are on the one hand transmitters, receivers and transceiver for special frequencies within the range of 200 to 500MHz and on the other hand customized models also with small series.

Our Winch Chief and HM22xx professional remote control for logging that is available for all winches with radio preparation also use our premium narrow band radio modules. Apart from highest possible range and best interference immunity the radio control convince by complete function range with very good price/achievement relationship.

Narrow band radio modules

Here you can find an overview of our single and multi-channel radio modules for the frequency range from 200 to 500 MHz.

HM narrow band radio modules
HM narrow band radio modules

Remote control for logging

Here you can find an overview of our radio remote control systems HM22xx and Winch Chief.


HM Remote control for logging
HM Remote control for logging


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