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Title: Remote control

Remote control

Remote control module

Remote control FSM24

The 24 channel remote control board FSM24 consists of a coder and decoder board and conveys directly the parallel information that is feeded to the coder. The data stream from the coder to the decoder includes a rolling code with a repetition rate of about 25 years at permanent transmission.

The transmitted code includes a CRC information combined with a 16 bit wide individual board address. So the transmission is protected against valid codes from other FSM24. 24 parallel input channel information is transfered from the coder via the radio link to the decoder and outputed on 24 open collector drivers. 12 data telegrams are transfered per second.

The FSM24 is compatible to all radio modules from HM-Funktechnik! This board is mainly to use in applications for controlling industrial machinery, transfering parallel input data such as button states. It is also possible to interface computers.

The combination with our radio modules 70TX-M1 and 70RX-M1 (or 70TX-S and 70RX-S1) offers the user a perfect remote system with long distance communication. You can reach a distance of 2000 m and more with these licence free radio modules at free sight.


Coder Dimension 49.2 mm x 29.2 mm
Inputs Coder 24 parallel
Supply Voltag 5 V +/- 10% stabilized
Supply Current 10 mA (without radio module)
 DecoderOutputs Decoder 24 parallel
Supply Voltag 5 - 11 V DC unstabilized
Supply Current 10 mA (without radio module)
Package coder and decoder (without radio modules)
Operation manual

Data sheets FSM24


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