Receiver 70RX-M1

The UHF-receiver 70RX-M1 was designed as a high-end receiver for ambitious applications in the wireless data and signal transmission generally. The sophisticated solution is realized by consequently used SMD-technology.

The 70RX-M1 receiver is a single channel, crystal stabilized solution, available for the frequency range from 410 to 510 MHz, mainly in the european 70cm ISM band from 433,100 to 434,75 MHz. Numerous national licences are available.

The module has a remarkable selectivity, which allows its use in applications where several modules must be operated locally and on adjacent radio channels at the same time.

The excellent RF sensitivity of –121dBm by CCITT weighting offers a long distance signal transmission.

The direct audio signal output doesn`t restrict its use for any kind of coding. Any type of recommendable signal can be used, even direct audio signals, e.g. speech.

The combination with our transmitter-modules 70TX-M1 or 70TX-S offers the user a perfect radio system with long distance communication at simplex or half-duplex. Together with our remote control unit FSM24 you can reach 2000 m and more at free sight.


  • Narrow band single channel receiver
  • very small size
  • less current consumption
  • Data rate up to 9600 Bd
  • No licence required
  • compliance to R&TTE (99/5/EG), EN 300 220
  • FCC and Canada notifications


  • Remote control systems
  • Industrial applications
  • Telemetry systems
  • Alarms
  • Security Systems
Receiver 70RX-M1
Receiver 70RX-M1


Communication Simplex
Frequency range 433,100 - 434,750 MHz (25 kHz Step)
  optional 410 - 510 MHz
Number of channels Single channel (fix)
Receiver mode Double Superhet
Sensitivity at least  -121 dBm  / 12 dB SINAD (CCITT-Filter)
Selectivity 15 kHz Channelbandwidth
NF-Output 0,5 VPP    not inverted
Data rate 10 Hz - 5 kHz (9600 Bd)
Temperature range -25°C . . . +75°C
Supply voltage 5 - 11 V    (max. 4,6 - 12 V)
Supply current 26 mA (± 2 mA)
Dimensions 49,7 x 25 x 12,5 mm  (with Lashes 59,7 x 25 x 12,5 mm)
Weight 23 g
Material stainless steel with M3 mounting lashes
Antenna λ/4 - Whip antenna (Teflon)     optional SMA, SMB or MCX
Outputs Mute   optional RSSI
Specials Integrated AFC
Approvals R&TTE (EN 300 220)  for  Europe (433,0625 - 434,7875 MHz)
  FCC (Part 15) for  USA (420 - 510 MHz)
  CAN  for  Canada (420 - 430 / 450 - 470 MHz)

Data sheets 70RX-M1 (single channel)

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