Narrow band single channel power transmitter 70TX-D2

The UHF power transmitter 70TX-D2 is the optimized follower of the reliable 70TX-D and was reduced in high about 25%. Probably it is now the smallest 500mW transmitter on the market. It`s the ideal solution for portable and mobile applications where the size is very important. By reducing the power consumption of the module the usable voltage range was adjusted upwards.

The complete new concept combines the advantages of the DDS with the well known synthesizer. The modulation of the RF-signal can now be done analog as usual or directly digital. The integrated ARM7 processor executes all needed routines of digitizing of the signal with high resolution in real time. Afore a butterworth filter of up to 8th order cleans the signal from unwanted frequency components that are not necessary for a efficient use of the channel.

The 70TX-D2 transmitter has a startup time that is well below the old module and should be sufficient for nearly all applications without a standby function. On the other hand there are two standby modes that allow a much faster startup behaviour (e.g. for TDMA use) or can help to reduce the hardware costs on the pcb of the user.

The combination with our receiver-modules 70RX-M2 or 70RX-S2 offers the user a perfect radio system with very long distance communication at simplex or half-duplex. Together with our remote control unit FSM24 you can reach 5000m and more at free sight.


  • Narrow band single channel power transmitter
  • with professional licence EN 300113
  • Up to 500mW output power
  • Typical range 5000m
  • Very small size
  • Low current consumption
  • Data rate DC - 5kHz (up to 9600 Bd)
  • Analog and digital data
  • Compliance to RED (2014/53/EU )


  • Remote control systems
  • Data communication
  • Industrial applications
  • Telemetry systems
  • Alarm systems
  • Security systems
Transmitter 70TX-D2
Transmitter 70TX-D2


Communication Simplex
Frequency range 433.0625 – 434.7875 MHz     ( 12.5 / 25 kHz spacing )
Optional frequency range 250 – 550 MHz    spacing according to customer wishes
Number of channels 1
Output power 350mW at 50 Ω / 5 V    500mW at 50 Ω / 6 V
Modulation FM narrow band     (analog and digital)
Modulation DC – 5 kHz ( up to 9600Baud )
Deviation ± 2.4 kHz ( ± 50 Hz ) at sinus 5VPP
Temperature range -40°C  -  +80°C ( with TCXO )
Supply voltage 4.7 - 8.0V     max. 4.5 - 12,0V ( 8 - 12V only with low duty cycle )
Supply current < 270mA ( ± 30mA ) at 5V     < 290mA ( ± 30 mA ) at 6V
Startup Time < 25 ms ( Power On )    < 4ms ( Standby 1 ), < 25ms ( Standby 2 )
Dimensions 49.2 x 24.9 x 9.7 mm   with lashes 60.0 x 24.9 x 9.7 mm
Weight 20 g
Material stainless steel with M3 mounting lashes
Antenna connector SMA    optional SMB or MCX
Approvals RED ( EN 300113 )     Europe( 433,0625 – 434,7875 MHz )

Data sheets 70TX-D2 (500mW, single channel)

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