Power 10mW

Frequency 400-500 MHz

Narrow band 10mW multi channel transceiver 70TRX-T1

The 70TRX-T1 is a professional 10mW narrow band multi channel transceiver according to EN 300220 or EN 300113. Compared to its predecessor 70TRX-T, the volume was reduced by 35%. Regarding to footprint and connecting the new module is 100% compatible.


Narrow band 10mW multi channel transceiver 70TRX-T

The new designed FM-transceiver module 70TRX-T from HM-Funktechnik is an absolut high end module with internal synthesizer and microcontroller to convert the external 8 bit wide channel information into the serial data protocol for the synthesizer chip. No complicate programming is needed. The module offers 139 channels in the european 70cm ISM frequency range from 433.05 to 434.79 MHz and corresp

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