Narrow band 300mW multi channel transceiver 70TRX-TP1

The 70TRX-TP1 is a professional 300mW narrow band multi channel transceiver according to EN 300113.

The transmitter is produced by default for the European ISM band at 433/434 MHz. All 139 channels from 433.0625 to 434.7875 MHz are programmed in a 12.5 kHz raster. The adjustment of the frequency is predefined for the user in a simple manner in multiples of the channel raster. Therefore, complex programming of the transmitter module is not necessary. A DIP switch or simple soldering bridges are sufficient. The integrated micro controller generates a serial data protocol from the 8-bit data word which sets the synthesizer. Up to 256 channels can be pre-programmed on customers request.

The module is available for most of the worldwide used frequency bands in the 400 MHz range. Please ask us for details. Due to the wide range of our filters, very few variants are sufficient.

The direct audio signal output doesn`t restrict in any way the nature of the desired signal or code transmission. The transmission of digital data works just as well as analog audio or voice signal. Fast switching between TX and RX mode allows the transmission of complex data sets.

The module is characterized by an extraordinarily high selectivity, which makes it possible to operate several devices in close proximity in terms of space and frequency. The excellent input sensitivity also enables signal transmission even over very long distances. The combination with another 70TRX-TP1 offers the user a perfect radio system with long distance communication at half-duplex. Together f.e. with our remote control unit FSM24 the user can expect a free field range of more than 4000 m


  • Narrow band multi channel transceiver
    with professional licence EN 300113
  • Up to 256 channels
  • 300mW output power
  • Sensitivity typ. -119dBm
  • Typical range 4000m
  • Very small size
  • Data rate DC - 5kHz (up to 9600 Bd)
  • Suitable for analog and digital data
  • Compliance to RED (2014/53/EU)


  • Remote control systems
  • Industrial applications
  • Telemetry systems
  • Alarms
  • Security systems



Transceiver 70TRX-TP1
Transceiver 70TRX-TP1 detail backview
Transceiver 70TRX-TP1 backview


Communication Half-Duplex
Frequency range 433.0625 - 434.7875 MHz    (12.5 / 25 kHz raster)
  optional 406 - 476 MHz step selectable
Number of channels 139 channels (Standard ISM); max. 256 channels
Output Power 225 mW / 21,5 dBm at 50 Ω / 5V
  300 mW / 23 dBm at 50 Ω / 6V
Modulation FM narrow band (analog and digital)
Data input level 5 VPP (TTL)   
Deviation ± 2.4 kHz  (± 150 Hz)    by sinus with 5 VPP
Receiver mode Double Superhet
Sensitivity at least  -118 dBm  / 12 dB SINAD (CCITT-filter)
Selectivity 15 kHz channel bandwidth
NF-Output 1.0 VPP    inverted
Data rate DC - 5 kHz (up to 9600 Bd)
Temperature range -25°C . . . +75°C
Supply voltage 5 - 8 V    (max. 4.6 - 12 V, 8-12V only with low duty cycle)
Supply current 60 mA (± 5 mA) (Receiver-mode)
  270 mA (± 30 mA) at 5V (Transmit-mode)
  310 mA (± 30 mA) at 6V (Transmit-mode)
Dimensions 51,8 x 31,6 x 14.6 mm  (with Lashes 61,8 x 31,6 x 14.6 mm)
Weight 30,6 g
Material stainless steel with M3 mounting lashes
Antenna SMA, optional SMB or MCX
Outputs Mute, RSSI, Lock Detect
Approvals RED (EN 300113)  for  Europe (433.0625 - 434.7875 MHz)

Data sheets 70TRX-TP1 (multi channel)

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