Narrow band radio modules - Transmitter, Receiver, Transceiver

HM Funktechnik GmbH is your partner for top quality, reliable, narrow band wireless radio modules. Narrow band technology combines long  range and excellent interference resistance. Our low power radio modules, (also called SRD = short range device), are the result of  more than 20 years of practical experience. HM Radio modules can be found in many different wireless applications by market leaders. Wireless telemetry, wireless data transmission, security systems, leak detection and variometers for model aircraft are only some examples. The modules are compliant to RED guideline.

HM radio modules are available as transmitter, receiver and transceiver for the license exempt European ISM frequency bands on 434MHz. Our radio modules are also available for many other frequency ranges and with higher output power with up to 500mW (so called „land mobile radio“). HM Funktechnik manufactures radio modules for the markets in USA, Canada, China, Korea, Japan and Australia.

All HM radio modules are developed and manufactured completely in house. A complete SMD line with 6-head placement robot, semiautomatic stencil printer and a vapour phase solder machine provide the daily supplies (vapour phase soldering is the most careful soldering method with the lowest process temperatures). This equipment allow us an extremely flexible production and we can meet customer requirement concerning frequency and configuration even for small orders. All radio modules are conform to the RoHS guidelines since 2006.

Please select from our standard modules, or contact us with your requirements.

Narrow band transmitter

Here you can find an overview of our crystal stabilized or synthesized narrow band transmitters as single or multi-channel module within the range of 200 to 500 MHz.  The power range extends from 1mW to 500mW.[more...]


Narrow band receiver

Here you can find an overview over our synthesized narrow band receivers as single or multi-channel module within the range of 200 to 500 MHz. [more...]


Narrow band professional transceiver

Here you can find an overview about our synthesized multi-channel transceiver radio modules for the frequency range from 406 to 476MHz. The power range extends from 10mW to 300mW.[more...]

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